Bizarre Trees

Listen, The two of us are from a bizarre forestFull of bizarre treesThat all grew from bizarre seeds. Birch pollen that decidedThere was more to life than birch trees,Maybe fell in love With the curves in Maple leaves.See, these seeds didn’t mind being bizarreBecause bizarre just looks like you and

Bollywood Boys

Picture this: Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood superstar extraordinaire, on a sand dune and Deepika Padukone in this bomb-ass flowy dress she’s there too, and there’s a citar and a tabla and a flute and Shreya Goshal is singing in the back, but it’s Deepika’s lips that move. And just a


There are men who wield God-given five-digit weapons, with unparalleled accuracy. Hip-fired hollow-points or Full-metal iron-sight finger-fired points. The shots always land. They rain blame in place of bullets, phantom pains in armor-piercing guilt, Magazines in the wrists, Foregrips in the elbows, Friend or foe, we are all painted in

The Life of Pi

            Tonight was the first Sigma Alpha Phi rush party, but the only rush I was getting was in the pit of my decimal. All the coolest constants in my class were in attendance, and since it was the first college party, everyone was trying to get variable for the

La Clase de Marían

No podemos comprender la moda sin nuestro Gucci Lee, No podemos volar al cielo sin Súperbaby. Con Austin es más fácil buscar nuestro destino, y comprendemos el amor porque tenemos a Avery, la mujer del afecto. Nuestra amiga bailarina Felipa siempre está bailando, Y nuestro amigo Zane disfruta su vida


Fresh milk, rice, and sweet ghee the nectar that dripped through naughty Krishna’s fingers as he hid from the gopis perfume the room with the scent of the stars and the planets. The smell will remind you that this is no ordinary fire. This is the yajna The dance of

Bubble Gummin’

I work at a candy store. I am well-versed in sweet things. When you walk through the front door, And I ask how you’ve been I can tell your ears have cavities from Hearing too many “sweet” men. “Baby, I could be your bubble gum, and from day one, I’d

Chemical Enlightenment

“Reality, as you currently experience it, is something like a waking dream. It is disguising deeper and more intensified levels of being and knowing. For those who are ready and willing, the doors to those other levels now stand open.” – Daniel Pinchbeck There is a certain psychedelic charm to


When I took the pass to go to the counselor he told me to tell him everything so I did I told him about the ups and downs the ins and outs why in Ms. Rickett’s class, instead of lab, I chose instead to experiment with myself I’ve never understood

Wtf is this?

Well, because for a long time I have wanted to claim my own hole in the depths of the web where I share my thoughts, opinions, and writing with readers like yourself.

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