Bubble Gummin’

I work at a candy store.
I am well-versed in sweet things.
When you walk through the front door,
And I ask how you’ve been
I can tell your ears have cavities from
Hearing too many “sweet” men.

“Baby, I could be your bubble gum,
and from day one,
I’d be your hubba bubba.”

But the man in me understands
That Eve prefers Juicy Fruit.
She has a sweet tooth for sour dudes,
but he was taught to pursue.

“Excuse my Ice Breaker!
when your Willy is a Wonka,
it’s hard not to talk about candy.”

But when a dude talks about his lollipop
He forgets that every one has a stick up its ass.

One Reply to “Bubble Gummin’”

  1. Sunaina says:

    Love the “Bubble Gummin”
    SMART with a TWIST


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