Star-Crossed Beams

Trace my jawline
as if it were flushed metal,
smile when you’re met with
warmth and rusty whiskers,
I’ll reach into your gilded ringlets
and polish the gold beneath.
Oh, how I’ve waited to bathe in your light.
Eyes to put diamonds to shame,
what is brilliance to
she who blinds?
Hold me close and now we’re
star-crossed beams,
but only matches made in heaven
are fated for the skies.

You were forged of
Silver and the stars,
refined to a luster
as I cast myself in nickel and dime,
we crossed paths
somewhere in between,
and became star-crossed beams
steel lovers dreaming of the heights.
But Eiffel Towers
bar beams like me,
tarnished bronze
battered and brined.
And now you are a star
amongst crossbeams,
and it is a privilege to
look up and see you smile.

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