The Life of Pi

            Tonight was the first Sigma Alpha Phi rush party, but the only rush I was getting was in the pit of my decimal. All the coolest constants in my class were in attendance, and since it was the first college party, everyone was trying to get variable for the

When Trees Get Tired

His was a branch that could not ignore gravity’s teasing; his bows overburdened with insecurity finally bowed to their heft, but she reminds him that all is not lost. Her tears fall from cloudy eyes, each raindrop a liquid sentiment, contributes to a rippling mirror, and in the sieve of


When life gives you lemons, trade half of them for limes. Tell life that this star shines in the limelight; doesn’t hide in the lemonshade. Lemonade is too sweet a drink to tickle the tongue through sour times, so the next time life gives you lemons pucker up and be

La Clase de Marían

No podemos comprender la moda sin nuestro Gucci Lee, No podemos volar al cielo sin Súperbaby. Con Austin es más fácil buscar nuestro destino, y comprendemos el amor porque tenemos a Avery, la mujer del afecto. Nuestra amiga bailarina Felipa siempre está bailando, Y nuestro amigo Zane disfruta su vida

La Arnia

There is a beach in the north of Spain that I want to take you to one day: A stone-cradle oasis like cupped hands with singular intentions “come as you are.” Here the water is a palette gone perfectly wrong, A rushed stroke with a heavy hand allowed evergreen leaves

Star-Crossed Beams

Trace my jawline as if it were flushed metal, smile when you’re met with warmth and rusty whiskers, I’ll reach into your gilded ringlets and polish the gold beneath. Oh, how I’ve waited to bathe in your light. Eyes to put diamonds to shame, what is brilliance to she who

The Signs

(In this piece, I experimented with form. It is a variation of the rondeau, a short fifteen line poem with a repeated line as a refrain. Each stanza corresponds to one of the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac, which are subdivided into the four elements. See if you can


Fresh milk, rice, and sweet ghee the nectar that dripped through naughty Krishna’s fingers as he hid from the gopis perfume the room with the scent of the stars and the planets. The smell will remind you that this is no ordinary fire. This is the yajna The dance of

Bubble Gummin’

I work at a candy store. I am well-versed in sweet things. When you walk through the front door, And I ask how you’ve been I can tell your ears have cavities from Hearing too many “sweet” men. “Baby, I could be your bubble gum, and from day one, I’d

Drums and the Faithless

Imagine the force it would take to dampen the thunder of an 808. It would have to be holy. But two black cocktails, and now you’re swimming in festering water. Rivers are chaste not by choice but by determination, yet not a current has cured a rooted pollutant— there is

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