Sahib J Chandnani

Sahib J. Chandnani is a Computer Science and Plan II student at the University of Texas at Austin. He writes poetry both for the page and for performance as part of the UT Spitshine Poetry Slam team. He is published in the Track//Four Review, Apricity Magazine, Hothouse Magazine, and is a past winner of the Abydos Dana K. Barber Student Writing Awards contest.

Why Four-Fours Poetry?

“Four-Fours” is my attempt at putting my work in a neatly-wrapped box. It is a way for me to answer the question, “can you show me a poem?” with something other than “yeah what’s your email?”

These poems are my obsessions: nature, comedy, dance, music, culture, connections, and love. The things I think about constantly.

As for the name, there’s more meaning behind it every time I’m asked the question. Four has always been my lucky number. Good things happen to me in fours, and the only thing luckier than 4 is having 4 of them. In Houston, driving around with Four-Fours meant having 1984 Cadillac rims on your car, a status symbol. Because Houston and its kaleidoscope of culture and music inspired me to use my words in the first place, Four-Fours poetry is an ode to the people and place that started it all for me—my status symbol as a poet.

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